How to establish goals for a website

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How to establish goals for a website

When it comes to creating your website, it is important to establish just what you intend the site to accomplish in terms of your business and marketing goals.  Used properly and strategically, a website can be a transformative tool for a brand, boosting sales, creating awareness and positioning a company top of mind in its industry. Whether your website is … Read More

10 Quick wins for a more effective website

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This post was initially prepared for a talk I gave at the Sabona monthly networking event in Melbourne. It was designed to give small business owners quick insights to help them make some effective changes to their websites and to start seeing immediate results. If you find this post useful, please leave a comment below and let me know. Any … Read More

Optimizing your website for lead growth

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Most of us have websites, yet a lot of them are totally ineffective when it comes to actually generating any form of lead or call to action. Here are some tips to get you thinking a little differently about using your website more effectively as a lead generating tool:

Your Website – the Silent Sales Person

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Sales is the most integral part of any business! Without sales you make no money and let’s face it have no business. But why do most people shy away from making sales? Most people would like to own their own business and then want to find a person who will be in-charge of making all the sales and do the hard selling. This means you have to pay this person a salary, but for a small business this might just be something you can’t afford to do right at the beginning.

Why should you start a Blog?

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Remember, other people, don’t know what you do! You need to tell them! Blogging helps you to do this! Blogging also shows people your knowledge in the area you’re an expert in! Often times people stop before they even start and discourage themselves from writing or creating a blog, because they feel they can’t write – that’s nonsense! I believe that anyone can be a good writer – provided they stick to writing about the stuff they know!

How to SEO Flash

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Flash gets a bad rap, undeserved in my opinion, for harming
search engine visibility. Why are search engine optimization
(SEO) practitioners concerned about Flash, and how can we SEO Flash