6 reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn

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6 reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has some 500 million users 1 of its business-focused social network, with 4,000,000 monthly active Australian Users recorded in May 2017 2 Used correctly, LinkedIn is a networking tool which can facilitate expansion of your customer base while establishing your company as a thought leader. If you have not already joined the ranks of the 13 million + businesses on … Read More

7 Key Factors to becoming a thought leader

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becoming a thought leader

 The ‘what’ of thought leadership The concept of ‘thought leadership’ is one of those buzzwords used as part of the vocab of online aficionados. However, used effectively, the concept elevates the positioning of your brand as an authority in its field and can act as the compass for a successful innovative online marketing strategy. The ‘why’ of thought leadership Not … Read More