Our top 7 SEO trends for 2018

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Our top 7 SEO trends for 2018

As websites and online platforms continue to become more user-centric, so does the search industry with a focus on providing results that are relevant and customised for your user.  This has a direct impact on SEO, highlighting elements which contribute to a user’s experience. We take a look at the top 7 SEO trends for 2018. Diversified links and brand … Read More

Why should you start a Blog?

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Remember, other people, don’t know what you do! You need to tell them! Blogging helps you to do this! Blogging also shows people your knowledge in the area you’re an expert in! Often times people stop before they even start and discourage themselves from writing or creating a blog, because they feel they can’t write – that’s nonsense! I believe that anyone can be a good writer – provided they stick to writing about the stuff they know!