WordPress – What is it? And why you should use it?

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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress is a freely available open source content management system for websites. It’s by far and away the internet’s most popular content management system. Whilst it’s hard to verify, estimates suggest that it accounts for somewhere between 25% and 30% of all websites. You read that correctly. Up to 30% of the internet’s websites are built on … Read More

5 Top Tips in WordPress Design to increase engagement

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5 Top Tips in WordPress Design to increase engagement

When it comes to appearances, website design is a lot like dating. Initial attraction is needed to spark interest, which, let’s face it, generally places emphasis on external appearances. It is only after the first impression that there is interest in the ‘getting to know you’ phase. People are naturally influenced by what is seen and when it comes to … Read More

WordPress Security Alert – Multiple Plugin Security Vulnerabilities

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WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

In the best interest of our clients and the readers of our blog we would like to alert you to the following announcement. Several security vulnerabilities have been discovered in various different WordPress plugins which have had some dire effects on some websites which have already been hacked. We suggest that you upgrade your WordPress core to the latest version … Read More

Avoiding a hacked WordPress website

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hacked WordPress website

Needless to say, a hacked WordPress website is no fun at all. It kind of leaves you with the feeling like you have just had your teeth drilled into by the dentist, been mugged on the way back and are now parading around naked for the world to see. It leaves you feeling vulnerable, exposed and downright embarrassed. Unfortunately there … Read More