How to establish goals for a website

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How to establish goals for a website

When it comes to creating your website, it is important to establish just what you intend the site to accomplish in terms of your business and marketing goals.  Used properly and strategically, a website can be a transformative tool for a brand, boosting sales, creating awareness and positioning a company top of mind in its industry. Whether your website is … Read More

The story of the Mexican

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Many years ago I heard a really great story. It is a story that has stuck with me and gnawed away at me all this time and I finally decided that it was time to do something about it. It is the story of the Mexican…

Does sex really sell?

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For some time now I have been thinking about the age old saying, “Sex Sells!” and have been wondering how true this was across all industries. There have been multiple studies that prove that as a human race we tend to favour people that are beautiful and sometimes make an association between beauty and success.

Thursday Theme: Folo by Themify

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Folo is a new WordPress theme developed by Themify. Folo is a business and portfolio theme for WordPress that allows you to show off your products, services and your work. The homepage has an awesome featured circular slider to highlight specific items you want showcased. The other really great thing about this WordPress theme is that it comes with 21 … Read More

Why doing favours is bad for business

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Doing favours for clients and even random people can be really bad for business – let me explain…

Coming from a non-profit background it has always been in me to help others and do as much good as I possibly could. While this is very noble and I still try and practice these principles in my personal life, when it comes to business sometimes being too kind can harm you at the end of the day

Your Website – the Silent Sales Person

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Sales is the most integral part of any business! Without sales you make no money and let’s face it have no business. But why do most people shy away from making sales? Most people would like to own their own business and then want to find a person who will be in-charge of making all the sales and do the hard selling. This means you have to pay this person a salary, but for a small business this might just be something you can’t afford to do right at the beginning.