6 key elements of strategic web design

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The current status quo of all things internet has ushered in an overload of information and endless options, where website design can be used effectively to help a brand pierce through the clutter by developing a strong brand identity and web presence. Strategic web design facilitates in creating a relatable experience for your visitor, setting your site apart, by using … Read More

9 Best Practises for your website home page

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9 Best Practises for your website home page

Your home page is often the first point of call for users searching for possible solutions to their challenges. Think of it as your company’s online equivalent to a business card and a significant part of the face your brand presents to your target market and the world beyond. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, “the homepage is the most … Read More

Does sex really sell?

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For some time now I have been thinking about the age old saying, “Sex Sells!” and have been wondering how true this was across all industries. There have been multiple studies that prove that as a human race we tend to favour people that are beautiful and sometimes make an association between beauty and success.