Using an app should be as easy and as fun as picking berries.
Mmmm. Berries. Yum.

“Simplicity is, as simple as you make it.” ― Anthony Liccione

App & UI Design

The design of your app should be your first priority – not an afterthought. Else your users may feel the very same way. An afterthought.

A few years ago mobile apps were a trend but nowadays they are big business. With the rise of smart phones and mobile internet this has never been more prevalent than now. Today most people access the Internet via their mobile phones, they use apps to plan their lives, track their fitness, chat to their friends, share their lives and just about anything else.

Having an ingenious idea for an app is great, having it expertly developed and working is even better. But without professional design your app is almost certain to fail. People always shop with their eyes first. Once they like the look of an app they will look deeper and give it a try. If the app works well, is designed brilliantly and is user friendly it will most certainly be a winner. If the user interface is poor and general design lacking, it may not even be considered as worth much.

The very same principles apply to web apps. If your design and user interface (UI) is good, chances are that you will get a lot more traction with users.

Freedom Studios designs interfaces for both mobile and web apps. We put ourselves in the user’s shoes and try and make our designs as user friendly and user centric as possible.

Would you like some intuitive design for your mobile app or website – get in touch.

While we only focus our efforts on designing interfaces, branding collateral and websites for apps – we can collaborate with expert app developers should you need us to.