How often should you update your website content?

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How often should you update your website content?

As we know, the playground of the internet is ever-changing.  New trends appear constantly, with fresh, improved ways of communicating with your customer. This can impact on website content of the text, images, videos, animations and auditory components used to create a web page. While some elements need regular updating, other changes can be left for longer periods at a … Read More

10 Quick wins for a more effective website

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This post was initially prepared for a talk I gave at the Sabona monthly networking event in Melbourne. It was designed to give small business owners quick insights to help them make some effective changes to their websites and to start seeing immediate results. If you find this post useful, please leave a comment below and let me know. Any … Read More

Top 10 essential elements for your web design checklist

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Top 10 essential elements for your web design checklist

Web design offers the opportunity for the brand to express itself while showing its credibility and value in the market place. Although the design possibilities can stretch as far as the creative imagination of the brand and designer, there are certain design constants which go into providing a great website experience for the reader. Here are the top 10 essential … Read More

6 key elements of strategic web design

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The current status quo of all things internet has ushered in an overload of information and endless options, where website design can be used effectively to help a brand pierce through the clutter by developing a strong brand identity and web presence. Strategic web design facilitates in creating a relatable experience for your visitor, setting your site apart, by using … Read More

5 Top Tips in WordPress Design to increase engagement

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5 Top Tips in WordPress Design to increase engagement

When it comes to appearances, website design is a lot like dating. Initial attraction is needed to spark interest, which, let’s face it, generally places emphasis on external appearances. It is only after the first impression that there is interest in the ‘getting to know you’ phase. People are naturally influenced by what is seen and when it comes to … Read More

Free PSD button set

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We are proud to release a free PSD button set to the design community. The PSD can be used freely for personal or commercial projects and no attribution is necessary. Ofc oarse a mention or link back to our site would be highly appreciated, but it is not required. Please don’t make this file downloadable on any other website or … Read More